a blueberry muffin anyone?

a blueberry muffin anyone?

A blueberry muffin anyone? The BreakfastBumz collection from Russ' BumBumz in the 4.5inch size are selling out worldwide & it's clear why!

Collectors globally have fallen in love with Melissa, & each of these little breakfast themed friends, & with 6 characters to collect, how can you not want to own the full adorable collection?!

Each little BumBumz plushie is accompanied by a collectable character sticker on each tag & has a unique name suitable to it's individual design!

Each 4.5inch BreakfastBumz plush toy is available on our website, MoreThanNews.Com.Au while stocks last! Collect them all & get straight to cuddlin'.

Shop with us at MoreThanNews.Com.Au, & receive free domestic shipping when you spend over $200! Our customers across the globe can now shop with us at More Than News to complete their BumBumz collections as we now offer international shipping options!

What are you waiting for? Shop all our exclusive deals, discounts & sales online now at MoreThanNews.Com.Au & elevate your BumBumz plush collection!

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