be charitable this christmas.

be charitable this christmas.

shop mindfully & charitably this festive season when you purchase a box of charity christmas cards from more than news.

developed by simson, a market leader in charity christmas, the boxed christmas charity cards for 2023 directly support charities & foundations including the national breast cancer foundation, the dementia australia research foundation & the prostate cancer foundation of australia.

to date, over $3.2million has been donated to charities as part of this initiative, with lifesaving research, testing & cures being developed as a result.

“our christmas range is designed to cater for the broadest demographic, ensuring that customers in your store are able to find a design to suit their family and friends,” says simson cards.

with a large variety of gorgeous australian designs & styles to select from, you’re sure to find the perfect way to spread cheer & love this christmas.

to view our collection, tap here.

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