christmas cooking made easy.

christmas cooking made easy.

upon receiving an invitation to a wonderful christmas day gathering with your dear family & friends, a few questions may run through your mind…

what will i wear?

what gift should i get for my secret santat recipient?

what dish will i bring?

although selecting the perfect gift can prove to be quite the challenge, we’ll sort what dish you’ll bring first.

now you know you can’t bring a beautiful plum pudding (grandma makes that every year), you know you can’t bring a delicious fresh fruit platter (aunty leisa called dibs on that), & you can’t bring a gorgeous broccoli salad (great aunt jan said she’ll make that this year), so now what?!

put the sweet addiction chocolate gift box down, because more than news has the perfect collection of fabulous christmas day recipes & cookbooks to save the day.



from affordable plates to decadent spreads, our collection is updated weekly with the latest christmas recipe books from leading publishers like the australian women's weekly, better homes & gardens & taste magazine.

tap or click here to explore our collection & have a merry christmas.

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