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Great Walks Aotearoa Adventure

Great Walks Aotearoa Adventure

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the great walks aug-sept - our nz hiking special - is out now!

with classic walks like the milford track and the tongariro alpine crossing, plus lesser-known walking destinations like the bay of islands and arthur's pass, there's plenty of stories to inspire you to cross the ditch and discover nz on foot!

we also interview a woman who came up with her own bespoke 400km walk in nz and the walk definitely put her through her paces.

"the most physically demanding hike was undoubtedly the traverse sabine circuit," wrote dori leirens. "located in a remote area, it presented steep ascents, challenging descents, and demanding terrain. walking through technical forest sections with roots slowed me down a lot and put strain on my feet."

"climbing involved dealing with loose gravel and steep slopes, making it quite demanding physically and mentally.

"the traverse sabine circuit was also the longest hike. carrying food for seven days, along with extra provisions for emergencies is never easy. the mental challenge of hiking seven days also adds to the difficulty. once you walk in, you have to keep going. this requires a lot of discipline and determination."
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