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Monster Children 20 Year Issue

Monster Children 20 Year Issue

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"we've been printing magazines for 20 years. 20 f**king years."

how better to celebrate two decades of mistakes and mayhem than with a massive double issue? twice the size and twice as nice. in this issue, we revisit some of our favourite moments, covers, mistakes, photoshops, jokes, photos, injuries, team averages, best memories, worst ideas, and the people who have made this magazine what it is. in addition to looking back on our illustrious history, we’ve chosen twenty of our all-time favourite people and asked them to reflect on the last twenty years of their lives.

features from mike mills, leo fitzpatrick, naquan rollings, andrew quilty, ishod wair, andrew peters, cheryl dunn, lindsey jordan, chris ashworth, tobin yelland, magdalena woskinska, damon way, stanley donwood, greg hunt, erik ellington, arin lester, austyn gillette, stephanie gilmore, patrick o'dell and spike jones.

where was spike jonze in 2003? did ishod wair know he was destined for greatness as a little tot? is austyn gillette trying to get back on nike twenty years on? and will steph gilmore ever stop winning world championships (no, she won’t)?

this is far from everything, but the rest is a surprise. from the biggest, best, and brightest in skateboarding, music, surfing, art, and travel, issue seventy three - the twenty year anniversary issue - is monster children at our very best.
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