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The Ultimate Air Fryer Cookbook

The Ultimate Air Fryer Cookbook

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air fryers have become a must-have in the modern kitchen, and everyone’s jumping on the trend. so we’ve packed this bookazine with recipes for delicious snacks, easy sides, must-make mains and simple sweet treats. read our tips on choosing an air fryer, what’s great to cook in it, and what isn’t. it’s perfect for small roasts, with no large oven to clean. of course, anything you’d normally fry, such as fries or chicken nuggets, gives a perfect result without all the oil, so your calorie count will thank you.

how does it work? it doesn’t technically fry anything, but has heat which radiates from a heating element, with a powerful fan to circulate the hot air – hence it works like a convection oven. so think of your air fryer as a mini convection oven, which heats much faster than a conventional oven, and which may help to save on energy bills. from cold, most models will be at the correct temperature in under three minutes, whereas a standard oven will be over ten minutes, if not more. it will definitely save time, and you’ll be amazed at how versatile it is. there is a huge choice out there – some are combined with a pressure cooker, some have two drawers to cook different foods at the same time, others have a large, single drawer. all you need is sufficient space on your work surface, with a little space behind to keep the fan clear and circulating. you’ll soon discover it’s a master for re-heating food. much as we love a microwave, an air fryer will reheat a slice of quiche or pizza until crisp and crunchy, which a microwave will fail to do.

from the simplest ideas to stunning soufflés, make your air fryer work for you. and it’s easy enough to get the kids involved, too, which can only be a bonus!
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