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Thesoapbar Lavender Candle

Thesoapbar Lavender Candle

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herbal with floral note & a soothing fragrance, pure lavender oil has become known for relaxation & a key component to assist restful sleep. this gorgeous lavender candle from the soap bar has been carefully australian made & has approximately 50 hours of burn time.

candles have a long established role in evoking a positive ambience, now you can set the mood in your home or create a memorable moment with one of the the soap bar's eco friendly long lasting candles.

soy wax burns cleaner & longer than other waxes with little soot. hand poured on the sunshine coast using premium soy wax, 100% cotton lead free wicks & a range of premium fragrances blended with essential oils to produce our bespoke fragrances - floral, fruity, spicy or fresh.
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