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2023 Christmas Decoration Festive Floral 50c Unc Coin

2023 Christmas Decoration Festive Floral 50c Unc Coin

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You will receive 1 coin of a randomly selected different coloured card (5 variants).

A number of native Australian plants that flower in December each year have become traditionally seen to herald in the Christmas season. One of these is the beautiful NSW Christmas Bush, Ceratopetalum gummiferum, which the Royal Australian Mint celebrates with this beautiful 2023 50c Coloured Uncirculated Coin, the fifth release in the Mint’s ongoing Christmas Coin program.

With its distinctive white flowers and red fruit, the stunning NSW Christmas Bush celebrates a summer Christmas in Australia.

The Royal Australian Mint celebrates the upcoming festive season with this new 2023 50c Coloured Uncirculated Coin inspired by our native flora. The beautiful and distinctive red fruit of the NSW Christmas Bush is gloriously reimagined as a five pointed Christmas star. While the gorgeous coin design is further enhanced by the hanging decoration card available in five translucent summer colours, gilded with silver foil accents.

These Christmas coins are the perfect gift or stocking stuffer, or splurge out and get all five colours for an instant Festive Floral flourish! The eye catching custom shipper make these Christmas coins pop as a POS display. The Festive Floral 2023 50c Coloured Uncirculated Coin decorations promises to be this year’s must-have Christmas coin gift!

• Presented in a summery coloured translucent polypropylene hanging decoration with stunning iridescent foil accent;

• Hanging decoration is available in five different colours to mix and match;

• Coin’s reverse is inspired by the beautiful NSW Christmas Bush, Ceratopetalum gummiferum, and features a stunning five-pointed star in glorious colour framed with detailed sprays of leaves, flowers and fruit;

• Coin’s 2023 Memorial Obverse features the effigy of Her Late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II sculpted by Jody Clark, and her reign dates;

• Australian legal tender.
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