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Anna Smith's Betrayed

Anna Smith's Betrayed

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rosie gilmour is chasing an explosive new story that will take her deep into glasgow's sectarian underworld. but has she got in over her head?

crime reporter rosie gilmour is on the trail of missing barmaid wendy graham. wendy's boyfriend is a member of the ulster volunteer force - and before she vanished, she levelled a horrifying accusation against one of his mates.

determined to get justice for a woman she is sure has paid the ultimate price for breaking the silence of the uvf brotherhood, rosie will find herself at the mercy of the most vicious gangsters she's ever encountered. has she met her match this time?

'if you haven't come across rosie yet, this jet-propelled and cleverly plotted story will suck you in from page one and send you searching for her earlier adventures' crime review.
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