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Aubre Andrus' The Plastic Problem

Aubre Andrus' The Plastic Problem

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want a whistle stop tour of all things plastic? from its creation, development and (unfortunate) demise into an environmental burden? well, the plastic problem is for you! despite its labelling as a book aimed at kids, i felt it was suited to all ages. having lots of useful and informative infographics to really paint a picture.

in fact, lots of the information surrounding plastic wasn’t disimilar to what i was provided in a module for my msc degree in environment & sustainability!

the book begins with the brief history of plastics. moving onto descriptions of the different types, uses, as well as its shift from groundbreaking to troublesome. following this, it details ways in which we can curb our plastic consumption through establishing a circular economy. additionally, altering our everyday habits to being less plastic intensive.

‘the plastic problem’ continues on to suggest plastic-cutting ways to live everyday. from reducing your plastic consumption in the bathroom to kitchen to your wardrobe. as i said earlier, this is designed to be an easily digestible children’s book, and it is in these sections you can see the pattern of reference. there are suggestions on how to make the reader live more plastic-free in school, at the school canteen and consider the plastic in toys.

if you wanted to educate your children on plastic pollution, the style of writing and illustrations make for a very engaging read! however, if you are child-free (like myself) i still took away many tips and felt very well-informed after reading.
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