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Blocks Shot Tower

Blocks Shot Tower

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Bring the fun, the giggles and the utter opportunity for obliteration at your next drinking event with Block Shot Tower!

The druken tower of fun was developed by Frankly Funny Adult to bring some spice to your party celebrations. Ideal for ages 18+, the player who built the tower goes first, randomly pulling out cheeky janga blocks with both individual and group related challanges and tasks!

The blocks read:
- Choose a player to drink,
- Everyone drinks one except you,
- Drink one with player to your left,
- Player to your left drinks one,
- Drink one,
- Drink one with player to your right,
- Player to your right drinks one,
- Drink two with player to your left,
- Everyone drinks one,
- Make a rule,
- Go again,
- Drink two with player to your right,
- Reverse,
- Drink two, and
- Lose your next turn.

With 2x shot glasses and 60x janga blocks, you're more than set for a memorable gathering with mates.
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