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Bocchetta Plush Toys: Denzel The Dalmatian

Bocchetta Plush Toys: Denzel The Dalmatian

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“My name is Denzel; I am a Dalmatian. I’ve been made from 50 recycled bottles! We (dalmatians) originated from Dalmatia on the coast of Croatia. We are loyal, lively, authentic, and very intelligent. We have been used as hunting, fire service and circus dogs, in war and to protect in coaches and beer wagons!”

Denzel can be converted into a weighted toy and measures at 73cm in length including their tail or 62cm length not including their tail, 32cm wide, and 22cms in height.

Eco-friendly, cuddly, and lifelike, Denzel the Dalmatian will serve as the perfect addition to your plush collection. Shop the rest of the adorable Bocchetta Plush Toys range through our website by simply searching for whatever animal your heart desires through our search bar!
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