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Cristina Re Wood Cover B6 Journal Flamingo Jungle

Cristina Re Wood Cover B6 Journal Flamingo Jungle

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cristina re wood cover b6 journal flamingo jungle

introducing the cristina re wood cover b6 journal, a masterpiece born from our collaboration with esteemed australian designer cristina re. part of the 'garden collection,' a celebration of australia's iconic flora and fauna.

a luxurious journaling companion: discover the charm of these unique wood cover a5 journals, designed to be your ideal companion for inspired writing. each journal strikes a perfect balance between luxurious aesthetics, simple functionality, and exceptional quality. this bundle is perfect for those who cherish the art of documenting life's precious moments.

exquisite features:
- size: b6
- 100% wood front & back cover: providing durability and a touch of nature to your journaling experience
- 80 blank pages: unleash your creativity on the ample space for thoughts, dreams, and memories
- 100 gsm fsc certified recycled sheets: a responsible choice for sustainable journaling
- full-colour printing: aesthetic designs that add a touch of elegance
- white elastic enclosure: ensures your journal remains secure and organised
- sturdy sewn bound: a durable structure to withstand the test of time
- unique wood grain patterns: each journal has its own distinctive wood grain pattern
- eco-friendly and biodegradable: prioritising environmental consciousness
- proudly australian designed & made: supporting local craftsmanship

the cristina re wood cover b6 journal is a testament to your commitment to quality, sustainability, and the joy of documenting life's memorable moments. start your luxurious journaling journey today and make every memory a masterpiece. order yours now!
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