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Mister Nobody Studs

Mister Nobody Studs

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located in townsville north queensland, mister nobody creates "quirky and cool" earrings to brighten up your everyday!

"jokes, mister nobody is really a lady named abbe. the name mister nobody comes from abbe's little brother, whenever he did something naughty he would blame it on mister nobody.

meet abbe... hey there, i'm abbe, the brains and heart behind mister nobody. i've got a real thing for creating and designing awesome earrings that just make your day. used to grind away in the marketing world, but i took a leap of faith to chase my own dreams and dive headfirst into what i adore. ever since i launched, the love and support from friends, family, and even random awesome strangers who share my earring obsession has blown me away. seriously, thank you from the bottom of my heart! ?? super stoked to have you along for this wild ride – buckle up!"
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