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Noel Loomis: The Leaden Cache

Noel Loomis: The Leaden Cache

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In October of 1874, Stuart Nichols, who had previously served as a member of the Texas Rangers, embarked on a crucial mission with five wagons from the Rocking Seven ranch. Their objective was to traverse the arid Llano plateau in order to retrieve essential lead and powder supplies for the soldiers who were engaged in a brutal conflict against the Comanches and Cheyennes.

The journey was a treacherous one, beset by sandstorms, betrayal, and hostile Indian raiders who were intent on seizing the valuable cargo for themselves. Despite the obstacles they faced, the party managed to push on, although their situation grew increasingly dire as they neared their destination.

Once the lead had been safely concealed on the plateau, Stuart became a hunted man, as he was the only one who knew the exact location of the cache. The Indian raiders proved to be formidable adversaries, displaying incredible skill, bravery, and mercilessness.

In "The Lenden Cache," Noel Loomis masterfully recounts the gripping and heroic tale of this epic struggle for survival.
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