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Squishmallow: Ulana The Turkey

Squishmallow: Ulana The Turkey

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introducing the squishmallow harvest squad! these adorable plush pals stand at a huggable 7.5 inches & are here to bring a touch of autumnal charm to your life.

each member of the harvest squad is lovingly crafted with soft, marshmallow-like materials, making them the perfect companions for cuddles & cosy moments. whether you're looking for a snuggly friend to join you on a crisp fall evening or a unique gift to celebrate the season, these squishmallows are the ideal choice.

with their vibrant colours, cute designs, & super-soft textures, the harvest squad is a must-have for both kids & adults alike. collect them all and let the magic of fall come to life in your home. order your squishmallow harvest squad today & embrace the warmth of the season in the sweetest way!
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