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Swirl Decorations 12pkt

Swirl Decorations 12pkt

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Create a vibrant party atmosphere with our red hanging swirl decorations!

These bright red swirls will bring life to your next themed birthday celebration, complementing transformers, circus, ladybugs or elmo party atmospheres.

The 12pk of high-quality swirls would also serve as fantastic christmas decorations, prompting a truly festive feel to your christmas day gathering, end of year work party or even as term 4 classroom decorations for your students to enjoy.

Swirls would also make a fantastic Christmas decoration, and you could mix with our green swirls for a truly festive feel to your Christmas party.

These swirling decorations measure approx 55.8cm in length, and are made from semi-gloss plastic. A plastic hook is attached to each swirl so it can be hung from a hook or stuck up with your own command strips.
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