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Tammy Tomlinson's Daniel, Th Golden Retriever

Tammy Tomlinson's Daniel, Th Golden Retriever

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daniel is a very good boy. he is happy to be back at the dog show. why wouldn't he?! he gets bathed and brushed and all the pets and pats from the humans who come to meet him (that's his favorite part).

getting the big red, white, and blue ribbon is important and his sights are set on it. but when daniel finds himself in an unexpected position, he has to find perspective on what winning truly means to him. maybe the thing that makes him happiest is sitting in a hole he dug in the backyard, drenched in sunshine.

kiersten eagan's illustrations bring warmth and heart to this uplifting story. backmatter covers the traits and jobs of a golden retriever, and will also feature a photo of the real daniel.
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