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Thesoapbar Bondi Beach Gift Soap

Thesoapbar Bondi Beach Gift Soap

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australia’s best known beach, the cool blue & white waves roll in endlessly on the yellow sand providing a haven for surfers, swimmers & sunbathers, keen to soak in the aussie beach culture.

this bar features a bright essential oil blend of lemon myrtle, patchouli & spearmint to lift & caress the soul like the summer sun.

the soap bar's collection of beautiful handmade soaps are crafted to make you & your skin feel amazing in a variety of different ways, be it a perfect start to the day or a relaxing deep cleanse.

"we believe that using soap should be an experience—we craft each bar of soap not only to nourish the skin, but also to evoke a mood, to convey a sense of wellness in mind and body. we mix the ideal blend of oils, essential oils, and natural ingredients by hand to produce a range of nourishing soaps that are infused with unique characteristics." the soap bar.
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