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Witches Broth Cauldron

Witches Broth Cauldron

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indulge in a bewitching dining experience with our witches broth cauldron soup bowl & spoon. crafted from charming black ceramic, this enchanting cauldron-shaped bowl comes complete with a ceramic broom-shaped spoon. it's a spellbinding addition to your dinner table, perfect for adding a touch of whimsy to your meal.

product details:
- generous capacity: with a 500ml capacity, this cauldron-shaped soup bowl offers ample space for your favourite brew or a hearty portion of soup. extra 'eye of newt' and 'toe of frog' croutons, anyone?
- enchanting design: standing at 14.5cm tall (including the lid) and 14cm wide (including handles), it captures the essence of a classic witch's cauldron.
- ceramic broom spoon: stir your brew with the included 11cm long ceramic broom-shaped spoon, adding a delightful touch of magic to your meal.
- easy maintenance: this cauldron is dishwasher safe, making cleanup a breeze after you've conjured your culinary delights.

perfect for your witchy loved ones or as a playful addition to your halloween or magical-themed gatherings, our witches broth cauldron soup bowl & spoon will have you cackling with delight. embrace the magic and add a dash of charm to your dining rituals!
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