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Woodcraft Wooden Cylinder Pot With Short Feet

Woodcraft Wooden Cylinder Pot With Short Feet

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Enhance the features of your minimalist home décor with these chic & natural wooden planters. The pot has a plastic lining making it waterproof. These planters are elevated with short feet and will complement your indoor plants.

The pot has a smooth finish and is made from paulownia wood, making it lightweight and not heavy. Because it is a natural product, you can paint or stain the pot using wood paint. We also recommend using the Design Masters Colour Tools range. You cannot drill holes on the side of the pot to make it a hanging pot, but if desired, you can drill holes at the base of the pot to create drainage holes.

- large: 23 x 23 cms
- med: 19 x 19 cms
- small: 16 x 16 cms
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