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World Of Betty & Veronica Jumbo Comics 23

World Of Betty & Veronica Jumbo Comics 23

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two brand new stories! first, in "yacht's wrong with you?" cheryl is jealous veronica has a better yacht than her, so she hires a band of swashbuckling pirates to take it over and sink it. the pirates are a bit confused-they commandeer tankers on the open ocean, not personal boats on a lake. but money is money-so heave-ho! fortunately, veronica was expecting this sort of thing, so she hired cpt. commando to be her security! does he have what it takes to thwart the pirates' efforts?

then, in "danger at the dig," the lodge foundation is sponsoring an archaeological dig in the jungles near coba, an ancient maya city on the yucatán peninsula. mr. lodge has brought little betty & veronica along to view history in the making. unfortunately, captain valor, who is in charge of the site's security, wishes lodge had left the girls behind. the jungle is full of danger and predators. what mysteries and dangers will they face?

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