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Yume Disney 100 Surprise Capsules Series 2 Blind Box

Yume Disney 100 Surprise Capsules Series 2 Blind Box

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experience the thrill of discovery with disney's 100 surprise capsules - your gateway to the magical world of disney and pixar characters! inside each capsule, you'll find a treasure trove of surprises, including clue cards, scene cards, a surprise character, and a special accessory. who will you unbox? will it be the iconic minnie mouse or the enchanting elsa?

with a total of 12 beloved disney and pixar characters to collect, the excitement is endless. two rare platinum chase characters await lucky collectors. can you complete your dream disney character set?

unboxing is an adventure in itself. remove the top and bottom secret lids labeled 1 and 2 to unveil the clue cards, helping you guess your surprise character's identity. the intrigue builds as you open each capsule.

once you've collected your characters, display them with pride. use the scene cards and stickers on the hexagon base to create your own disney and pixar world, showcasing your full character collection.

don't miss out on this collector's dream - 100% officially licensed disney product. join the journey of unboxing, guessing, and collecting your favorite disney and pixar characters with series 2's 100 surprise capsules!
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